Monday, 13 March 2017

Dig In.....well, Dig Up, actually

So following on from my earlier post here are the above ground entrenchments, designed for those men on the move who just can't stay anywhere too long.  These have been built with my Chain of Command sections in mind.  One small entrenchment to take a weapons team (that I normally mount on 40mmx40mm bases) and one longer entrenchment to take a rifle team.

Using a base of MDF I built up the entrenchment walls using insulation foam shaped with a hot wire cutter.  These were then blended into the MDF base using a cheap all purpose filler, followed by a coat of PVA and some sand.  The sandbags were made from Milliput.  I rolled this out and then cut pieces with a sharp blade and by pressing down on the top they take a reasonably effective sandbag shape.  So here they are at the end of the initial construction phase:

And here they are painted and flocked and offering shelter to some full bodied Paras who can move easily if required:

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