Monday, 13 March 2017

Dig In!

I've been wondering how best to represent entrenchments on the table and I've opted for two different approaches.  AB Miniatures do some very nice entrenchments and half figures to match.  I thought these would work very well for times when a side is on the defensive and likely to stay in their entrenchments for most if not all of the scenario.  On the other hand there are times I need a bit more flexibility and so wanted a way to put full figures in entrenchments but move them easily if I wish.  For the latter I've made up some entrenchments that are not really holes in the ground, more above ground barriers, but they will work for gaming purposes.

So first up the ready made entrenchments and occupants from AB.  These are the British Airborne figures in an early stage of painting:

The entrenchments themselves are separate casts and what I've done here is mount them onto a piece of MDF and blended them in by using filler.

The dried filler was then coated with PVA glue and sand applied.  Once dried they were primed and ready to paint.

Once figures and entrenchments were painted, the figures were glued into place and the bases flocked.  Here are the British Airborne safely ensconced in their new homes.

I was happy with these, so also invested in a set for regular Heer Germans and British:

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