Tuesday 23 May 2017

Sorting out some shelf queens

I've had a few too many half completed AFVs sitting on the shelf for far too long, so this week I've been finishing these off.  These are a diversion from the Pacific project but give me a bit of a break from that as well.  So first up, in any colour, as long as it's Russian green, here comes the Red Army:

Plastic Soldier Company T34/76

S-Models ISII

Milicast BA64 - unfortunately it suffered a broken MG barrel and needs a repair job.

Next up, in any colour as long as it's panzer grey, we have some early/mid war German armour:

Plastic Soldier Company PzIII

Trumpeter StuG III

Plastic Soldier Company Marder II

After a dose of dull monotones we now go to the opposite extreme for some German late war ambush scheme tri-colour camouflage.  Really enjoyed painting these two.

Hasegawa's venerable old PzIV/70

I think this is the UM Hetzer, I can't actually remember

Last, but not least and back to monotone again, this is the Airfix Churchill Crocodile.  I've made a few modifications to the original kit, but not that much:


  1. Excellent work,your done a great job of finishing unfinished work.
    cheers John

  2. Love the camo on the hetzer. Looks like a unimodel.

  3. Lovely work. Really like the way you have weathered them all. What do you use for this?

    1. Thanks. I guess the weathering starts from the initial paint job. I use the colour modulation technique to highlight and fade panels. I then dab the edges with a piece of sponge dipped in a mix of hull red and black grey. The dust/dried mud was applied using Mig pigments. I build this up in layers, fixing each layer as I go with a spray of Mig pigment fixer. I hope that helps. I suppose I should do a SBS to show how I do it. One day!