Friday, 12 May 2017

20mm Eureka Japanese platoon progress report

The first rifle/LMG section is now finished and based, as is the Grenade Discharger section.  These figures have a lot of dynamic poses and were easy to paint.  I need to do two more rifle/LMG sections and then I have the full platoon ready.  With a few more pieces of scenery to work on it won't be long before I have enough to get a game of Chain of Command on the table.

Here is the rifle section:

I wanted to do some more work on the leader (see my previous post).  On reflection his large helmet could just be one with a canvas cover, so on that basis I painted it differently and I think this works better and helps reduce the perceived size of his head (it is still bigger than the other figures, but now looks a little less so).  I also lightened his mouth and this makes it look less like a gaping black hole, so all up I'm feeling a little happier with this fella.

The flag has worked better than I expected so don't be surprised to see more of these!

So here is the grenade discharger section.  This is the full strength section according to pre and early war establishment.  As the war progressed this section was steadily depleted to fill the other sections with riflemen until finally it was often reduced to a single grenade discharger and a small crew.

Lastly this is a Type 92 battalion gun from the Waterloo/1815 plastic set.  I made this a few years ago for Crossfire and see no need to rebase it.  Some of the figure painting could do with brightening up and I'll get to that eventually, meantime it's ready for the table should I need it.


  1. Using Vallejo acrylics. Uniforms were an undercoat of flat earth then the first highlight in khaki grey and a final highlight with a khaki grey and tan yellow mix. Is that what you were after?