Thursday 25 May 2017

More Japanese and Australians

Nearly there with the Pacific Australians and Japanese.  I've finished off another section of Japanese, this time in camouflaged helmets.  Once again these are from the Eureka 20mm Japanese range and they are a fine set of figures:

So now I have two completed rifle sections and one grenade discharger section, plus a Type 92 MMG and a Type 92 70mm battalion gun:

Two completed rifle sections
Two rifle sections, one grenade discharger section, 70mm battalion gun and MMG.

To fill out the Australian platoon I bought some of the Warmodelling 20mm Australians.  These would give me a 2" mortar,  Forward Observer, Boyes Anti tank rifle, a sniper and a junior leader with a rifle.  I wasn't overly impressed with the figures when they arrived, the moulding was not particularly sharp and there was a fair bit of excess metal to remove.  In some cases it felt like I was sculpting more than just cleaning up. As is so often the case, once figures are cleaned up, primed and painted they often turn out much better looking than first impressions would give.  While these aren't up to the Eureka standard, they are a good fit scale wise and will work well.

And making a comparison with the Eureka figures.  Eureka on the left, Warmodelling on the right.  I think you can see they fit well together.

Two riflemen and the bren team on the left are Eureka, the rest are Warmodelling

Warmodelling figure in the centre with Eureka left and right

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