Tuesday 4 April 2017

Aussies sir...fousands of 'em

Well, not quite thousands, but a platoon plus force for Chain of Command at least.  Here are the Eureka Australians in slouch hats.  Figures are finished but bases yet to be done.  As I said earlier, I much prefer these sculpts over the ones with helmets, but there are enough decent sculpts with helmets to give me 4 sections, enough for a full platoon and an additional section for supports if needed.  The figures will get a coat a gloss varnish (Tamiya acrylic Clear X-22), then when properly dry a coat of matt varnish (the unbeatable Testors Dullcote).  Flocking of bases after that and then these boys are ready for the table.

Owen guns aside, these should also pass off as Chindits.


  1. Thanks. Somebody on Facebook pointed out that these are not 'bush hats' but 'slouch hats' and he is of course correct, so I've gone back and edited (for my sins).