Monday, 15 October 2018

Foundry 28mm AWI British

I managed to get around to finishing off sixteen of the Perry-sculpted Foundry 28mm British infantry. I bought these to add to my plastic Perrys, but when I saw they were wearing the 1768 warrant uniforms with the longer coats initially I put them to one side. However, while they are not up to the standard of more recent Perry sculpts they are not a bad set of figures. Some of the proportions, the heads most noticeably, are a bit on the exaggerated side, but not so much they won't sit comfortably enough with more recent sculpts.

For now I intend to use them for their original purpose which was to provide me with five groups of regular line infantry for a core Sharp Practice British force for early in the war.

This lets me free up some groups of my light infantry to form the skirmishers that make up the rest of that early war core force. These Light Bobs are also from the Perry sculpted Foundry range and once again they are a decent bunch of figures, even if their heads are on the exaggerated side.

Foundry British light infantry

For the British force for later in the war which is made up of regulars and lights, I had planned to use those Foundry light infantry to make up the two groups in that force and to use some of the Perry light infantry in round hats and roundabout jackets as the force skirmishers.

Perry British in round hats and round-abouts with the Foundry light bobs behind

Well, that was up until Brendan Morrissey kindly showed me the error of my ways (both uniforms would not have been worn at the same period of the war).  I'm pleased to say I can put that travesty of military history behind me. Help is on the way in the shape of two groups of Loyalist Queens Rangers who will be able to fulfil that skirmisher role. The bonus being those same Rangers can also be used for the mixed force of Regulars and Loyalists for use in the Southern Campaign.

Still some paint to be applied, but they are not too far off completion.

Perry Queens Rangers riflemen skirmishing