Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Perry 28mm AWI Queens Rangers riflemen

I've finished painting and basing a dozen Perry Queens Rangers with rifles. These will make up the start of my Loyalists and provide two groups of Sharp Practice skirmishers to support my regulars. As always these Perry sculpts are a joy to paint and lovely looking figures.

I particularly liked this pose for some reason:

That said, all the poses work well and I'm looking forward to getting these on a table soon.

These now give me some different options for skirmishers for my British and can work as an alternative to the Foundry light infantry I painted earlier this year:

Meanwhile, also on the workbench are some split rail fences, an iconic terrain piece for 18th century North America. These are my initial trial pieces which have come out a bit too chunky and uniform looking for my liking, but I think I have a solution for that.

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