Sunday 27 November 2022

Wounded leaders for the Sudan

A leader in Sharp Practice can incur a wound that leaves him with one less command initiative for the remainder of the game and my solution to remembering who these leaders are has been to either create a specific base or to replace the figure with one showing someone wounded. For the Sudan project I've opted to do the latter.

The Perry plastic set of British infantry includes an arm in a sling which makes this a relatively easy thing to do. The set also includes a bare head and I thought that might look good bandaged. The solution was simple enough, I sculpted one using Milliput to give me two distinctly different figures. The one with the sling is dressed as an officer while the other works as an NCO.

I enjoyed doing this, if only because it wasn't complicated and I managed to achieve exactly the result I was after.

The figures fit into the leader bases I have created. 

It's a simple matter of swapping one figure for another in the case of a wound. Not only does it work as a suitable game marker but it helps to keep the table themed and adds to the narrative.

For those who are knocked off their feet and suffer a temporary wound I like to use a prone figure. The Perry plastic Sudan set doesn't contain any casualty figures but there are two prone figures that come on the command sprue in the Perry Zulu War set. Of course the uniforms are not exactly the same, the main difference being the lack of puttees, but in several other respects they are very similar. The only modification I made was to trim the lace off the jacket sleeves. I thought about having a go at making puttees, but given the figures are glorified markers and may never even see use in a game I thought I'd fudge it a bit and rely on the paint to do the work.

In the case of the Mahdists I've made use of the Perry metal set of casualties. In this case the prone figures are used to represent a leader who has suffered a wound that has put them out of action temporarily.

The standing figures of men being hit are used in the same way that I use the wounded British figures - to represent a wound that will last throughout the game.


  1. Very fine looking representations of wounded leaders.

  2. You go to such lengths to make your games a visual treat - it's much appreciated.

  3. Lovely painting and great way to remember Leaders with wounds

  4. Lovely, clean painting and a nifty idea too!