Wednesday, 9 May 2018

AWI British Light Infantry 28mm

The British are coming along at quite a pace for the AWI project for Sharp Practice.  Appropriate I guess, as this latest batch are light infantry and so some rapid movement is to be expected.

These are Wargames Foundry 28mm, sculpted by the Perrys.  They are good, crisp castings which require very little clean up prior to painting.  I've found them easy to paint and somewhat strangely, a lot faster to paint than 20mm WWII figures.  It might just be because they are larger, but then their uniforms appear more complex.  Whatever it is, I'm not complaining.

Those in the uniforms with shoulder chevrons will give me two groups of regular light infantry to fight in line as regulars, complete with a choice of leaders and a couple of musicians (drummer and trumpet).  Then there are eight figures in roundabouts and round hats who I intend to use as my light infantry skirmishers (which will only require 6 of them in a group).  With these I now have enough figures for a late war mixed force.  If I want to fudge it a bit I can use my light bobs as centre company regulars to add to my existing three groups of Perry plastic figures to make up an early war force, which gives me some options on what period I can play.  I have more centre company regulars to paint up (more Perry sculpted Foundry figures this time rather than the Perry plastics), so I will be able to field both forces with the correct figures in due course.

This lot are nearly done, they just need more flocking on their bases and then some sabot bases covered in groundwork to make it easier to move them around on the table.

Talking of sabot bases, as in my earlier post I will make up some 25mm round bases with casualty figures and use these to replace holes in the sabots when a figure is removed.  So I've painted up some of the plastic casualties in the Perry British infantry box.

Next up, the first of the Continentals.....


  1. Nice work Mark,whats be get back to painting my French figures still in the box.
    Agree in regards to painting 28mm to 20 mm.
    cheers John

  2. Very nice looking figures. The AWI force is starting to take shape. I always thought that uniforms that are designed to stand out and look good (like in the horse and musket period) are easier to paint than modern uniforms made to blend in. ūüėÄ