Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From Agincourt to WWII with a few stops in between....

Lots of little painting projects going on at the moment, all part of an aim to get a few things back on track and yet others finished.  You know how it is.

First up, my US platoon for Chain of Command, made up of 20mm AB figures. This is very close to complete now.  I have two squads painted and based and all but five figures completed for the third squad.  I've also put together some of the supports like 30 cal teams; bazooka team; additional leaders and extra BAR men.  In the paint queue are the remaining five men for the third platoon; some engineers - a flamethrower; a demolition team and a mine clearing team; a 60mm mortar team, and, a handful of ammo men to make up numbers for the 30 cal team.  I want this to be the first of my finished projects for 2018.

1st squad

2nd squad

Three senior leaders, more than enough

Extra BAR men and junior leaders

30 cal team and Forward Observer team

30 cal teams

Bazooka team and spare bazooka

in the paint queue...

One project that has been dormant for a while is a small medieval force for skirmish gaming, this time in 28mm.  I had something like Dan Mersey's Lion Rampant rules in mind when I first acquired the figures.  I started an English retinue from the Agincourt period based on the lists in the Lion Rampant rule book, something possible with a single box of Perry's Agincourt English Army.  This will give you two units of Archers and two units of Men at Arms.  So far I've completed the Men at Arms and one unit of Archers.  Once I've completed the remaining dozen archers they will need some opponents and I'd like to think I can put together a suitable French retinue this year.

A friend of mine introduced me to Sharp Practice last year and we played a few games using his 25mm Napoleonic figures.  I like the rules system and decided last year that I'd like to start a new period that would work well with the skirmish level of Sharp Practice.  So with that in mind I decided on 28mm for the American War of Independence and perhaps the French and Indian Wars (as I also have the Muskets and Tomahawks rules).  I'm working on the British first and have completed my first 'group' of centre company infantry and made a start on my second group.  I need five groups of these regular plus a group of skirmishers for an early war regular force, or two groups of regulars, two groups of light infantry and a group of skirmishers for a later war force.  I have the figures to do both options.  I'm relatively new to painting these types of uniforms and in 28mm, so not completely happy with the results.  My technique still needs a bit of work, but these pass muster for now.

First group of regular centre company men

Now I suppose some of the more alert of you are saying, yes, but what about that WWI project you were working on? I guess I'll just have to pass the blame on and say I'm waiting on the Too Fat Lardies to publish their WWI variant for Chain of Command that they announced late last year.  Well, that's my excuse anyway......