Saturday 3 June 2017

Wounded leaders for Chain of Command Part 2

I've been working on some figures to represent wounded leaders and you can go here to see my wounded leader figures.  Those figures were to represent a wound that the leader would carry for the remainder of the scenario and so I could keep a track of those leaders whose Command Initiative was reduced (unless a medical orderly was on hand to patch him up, of course).  Next up I was trying to come up with something to represent a wounded leader who is incapacitated for the turn.  Laying a figure on its side is an easy and practical option, but I wanted something else and so thought about a small vignette using a converted Plastic Soldier Company British medic and a casualty figure like this:

I thought that could work well so made up a simple base:

That would do for British figures, but what would I do for German?  Then I remembered that the old ESCI 1/72 plastic British Infantry set included a figure helping an injured man (more details at the Plastic Soldier Review site).  See the figures on the left (photo is courtesy of Plastic Soldier Review)

I had a couple of these figures lurking in amongst a bunch of plastic figures I had acquired years ago. So I dug them out and mounted them on bases:

So this then got me to thinking it wouldn't be too difficult to try a conversion to make one pair German.  I rummaged through the spares box for heads, weapons and personal equipment and had what I needed.  After stripping off the British personal equipment I then tried my hand at sculpting some uniforms using Miliput (I know green stuff is the thing, but I didn't have any and I had plenty of  Miliput.  Just call me old school).  Here was the result:

I wasn't totally convinced this would work, but I was hoping a paint job would forgive many sins and on the table, from a distance, they would look close enough to being Germans to be passable.  The end result works quite well I think. The two pairs share a very similar pose, but given they will never be seen together on the table that doesn't really matter.

No conversion or changes to the British figures, these are as they come out of the box:

Enough of distractions!  Now back to all the other figures that need painting......


  1. That is a really nifty conversion. Great idea, well executed.

  2. Good idea, I have used the same figures for a US bailed tank crew, you have supplied 6 pictures of the front of the painted figures but none of the back, shame.

  3. Nice job on the conversion.
    cheers jOhn

  4. That is a really nifty conversion. Great idea, Abeil Braga well executed.