Monday, 15 August 2022

Additions to the Sharp Practice Sudan project

I'm going to be running Sharp Practice participation games set in the Sudan at the Lard Down Under event in January 2023 at Cancon in Canberra. Having played several games now I've identified a few extra game aids that I need, some of which will be particularly useful for those games.

Deployment markers are one of those things I've been meaning to get around to making ever since I started the project. I've made two for the Mahdists, both using Perry plastic figures which you can see below. A primary deployment point on the left and a movable one on the right.

At this stage I've made only a primary deployment point for the British, again using Perry plastic figures.

I've added a couple more British officers. I have in mind a scenario where a British survey party or a heliograph team have escaped an ambush and are defending a building until help arrives. I thought the figure on the left might be particularly suitable for that setting. 

For the British I've added a Perry 7 pounder screw gun and crew.

With another scenario in mind I wanted something that could feature as the focal point for an Escort Duty scenario. A camel train was an obvious solution. This is a lovely one from Empress Miniatures.

The two handlers are probably more suited to an Indian or Afghan setting but whose to say they haven't been brought over to Sudan by one of the British contingents that came from India? Painting them all in white was a way to keep them versatile for a few different settings.

I find casualty figures always come in useful and these are a set of Perry metal figures. My original intention was to use them to replace battle casualties and dress the table.

I've since rebased a prone figure to use as a replacement figure in a leader's sabot base when the leader suffers a wound.

The prone figure will represent a wounded leader who is unconscious and temporarily out of action.

I'll use one of the standing figures for a leader who has suffered a lasting wound that will impact his command ability for the duration of the game.

Last, I made up a very quick and simple conversion of a Perry plastic figure for a Mullah (Holy Man). I used one of the heads for the later Ansar wearing a skull cap. The waving arm is an existing one from the set and the other arm is simply one with a weapon removed.


  1. Great looking stuff - coming to Oz in Jan eh.....hmmm...must think about that - I haven't been to a "proper" wargaming show for 40 years, one of the few downsides of moving to New Zealand (far outweighed by the positives, but there are always a few grey clouds!)

    1. Surely no grey clouds in the land of the long white cloud? 😉 CanCon is really quite impressive in size and scope. Lots of miniatures (and traders) but also board games now very big. Certainly the big show in Australia. A Lardy ‘zone’ is a new addition that I suspect will become a fixture moving ahead.

  2. These look so nice I just bought the Lardy Magazine with the Sudan rules mods as I'm seriously tempted. Did you see the question commented on your previous post?

    1. Thanks. Sorry, been away for a few days, but I’ve posted an answer to that earlier question.

  3. Lovely work on those figures!