Monday, 12 November 2018

AWI Casualty figures

As convenient as sabot bases are for moving units of figures, nothing destroys the illusion quicker than empty slots once a figure has been removed as a casualty. With that in mind I have three solutions to fill those offending slots - an empty base with some flock to match the sabot base, a base with a frame for a mini dice to record shock and lastly, a base with a casualty figure.

I'm not sure I like the red dice for recording shock and I'm tempted to try something a little less striking in colour, perhaps a green might blend in more and yet still serve its purpose?

As for casualties, the ones I have are from the Perry plastic British Infantry set and they come in two poses - face down or face up. The Perry American box does not include any casualties, but the Perrys do produce casualty figures for both sides in their metal range and so I ordered both the American and British sets. As always there are some lovely animated poses which include wounded, dead and men at the moment of being hit. These latter figures look quite spectacular, my only concern is that unlike those lying on the ground, these may accidentally be counted as among the living in the heated action of a game. Time will tell on that one.

The two American figures receiving hits I have yet to finish painting, so at the moment I have many more British casualties than American, but between the empty bases, the mini-dice bases and these with casualties I have plenty of options to fill those empty sabot slots that I find so offensive.


  1. I've been thinking of doing something similar, thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s alla matter of personal taste of course; but I like the the blank disc with just the grass or the die. But I’ve found black dice with white pips Fade better to background.

  3. Where are your Sabot Bases from? Are the base parts store-bought or did you make everything yourself?

    1. They are from Supreme Littleness Designs, if you check the post on making the leader markers you can see what comes with the bases and what I've made myself