Tuesday, 28 August 2018

AWI State line and other bits and pieces

While I haven't posted much on the AWI project recently I've been slowly working away on two groups of State Line. These are based on one of the uniforms for the Connecticut 4th Regiment in 1778 which features in the Perry colour guide that comes with their plastic Continental infantry.

The brown jackets and red facing make them versatile enough to pass as a number of other units (well, that's what I've convinced myself anyway). Truth be told I've discovered I have a real aversion to painting anything white and this was an excuse to find a unit with no white breeches or waistcoats. Pathetic really. What it does means is that the French have only a very slim chance of appearing on a table near me anytime in the near future.

I've painted a few in hunting shirts to mix things up a bit, but otherwise they are a fairly well turned out unit.

To add support options to the Continentals I've added another leader, an ensign and a drummer. Like the state line miniatures these are all from the Perry set.

The British have not been neglected. I needed a leader to go with my men in round hats and roundabouts and this figure that came with a Perry metal command group seemed to do the trick as I will mostly use those figures as light infantry.

Talking of leaders I've finished off a set of sabot bases for the British leaders, so I now have a set for both British and American.

The British now have a deployment point. This is another of the Perry command group with one of the Renedra tents. It's probably a bit on the large size, but I think it will work well.  The key thing is to decide what point to measure from and I'd say the miniature's head would be an ideal point. I'm thinking I'll try something similar with a tent for the Americans.

Last, but not least, I have a water cart and an ammunition wagon, both of these are from Warbases.


  1. Looks like it’s going to be a great set up for SP2. Nice miniatures. 😀

  2. Great looking additions to your collection! Love the deployment point.